Hi.. How are you?

By LArimarx33

In an average day we all pass by thousands of nameless and faceless people, without knowing how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking or how they’re doing. When we’re going to work, to school, to a park or even to the store we pass these people who might need some love to feel happy or encouragement to move on, or even a hug to let out those  hurtful thoughts they may have.

Have you ever wanted to just stop one day and say HI to a stranger?

Maybe you should try it and ask them how are they doing for real… They might think you’re weird and will not answer but they’ll never forget that you cared enough to ask .  SO I want to say HI and HOW ARE YOU? to all those who read this post! Feel free to comment back : )



2 thoughts on “Hi.. How are you?

  1. Hi.
    Actually, I’m one of those weird Brits that will talk to anyone and everyone. Got a cute child, baby, dog, cat? Cleaning your car, sweeping your drive, mowing the lawn? I’ll chat. Standing in the queue at the post office, sitting on the bus or train, I’m ready. But one place I cannot bring myself to talk is at the school gate. I have always found this the most daunting place in the world. Scary.

    • Heyy!

      I think it’s the opposite for me, It would be easier for me to talk to someone at a school gate than having to stop someone on their tracks and speak to them. : )

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