Change, Move, and God

Hello Fellow Internet Friends,

I want to blog but I have no idea how to get started and be consistent, so I will challenge myself to write at least 3 posts a week. This is the first one. Thank you for reading this! Honestly, I might fail starting off but I will stick to my plan and continue when I catch myself slacking on writing.

Last I wrote I was living in New York. Well, now I am in California! I moved across the country without my family and started from scratch. It has been a fun, faith increasing, and fruitful journey that has lasted 3 years so far. I don’t think I’ll be moving back to NYC but I sure miss my parents, sisters and nephews.

I will share a lot about my growth here, but to start off, I want to say this was and still is a journey of faith. God moved me from my location to teach me how to trust in him, how to depend on him, to change my habits, and hang loosely to the traditions that my family has passed down. He wants to teach me to love him and love others with all my heart.

It has not been easy all the time but I would do this move all over again, knowing that God has my back. He has shown me that he provides for me, that he is my shelter and refuge, that he sends people for certain times in our lives, and that he never leaves me. Reading it in the word is encouraging, believing it brings peace but witnessing it and living it brings Joy and faith!

I hope this encourages some of you for tonight.

God has bigger and better plans then we can plan for ourselves, let him show you, and let him increase your faith! He is worth it.

Thank you

Precious Daughter of a King

Have any insight? Go ahead & comment :)

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