Day 07: Nicknames you have, why you have them

Nicknames? Depends at what stage of my life we’re talking about.

I’ve had lots of nicknames, none of them really stood on me for too long. I’ve listed a couple of them for you. Now I must warn you, most of them are sort of embarrassing and not very creative.

1st- Lari- It’s short for my name Larimar and my family and friends have always called me Lari till this day.

2nd- Bondy- I was about 1 or 2 years old and I loved Barney but I never knew how to say his name so I would call him Bondy and my sister’s friends always made fun of me ever since then by calling me Bondy . It’s such  Terrible nickname !

3nd- DrzAngel- Around 5th grade everyone I knew was making a Bebo account (which is like an old school MySpace), so I wanted to make one too. I couldn’t think of anything else so one of my friends gave me this. Drz because I am from Dominican Republic.

4th- Misz Sagittarius- During middle school and High school I hung out with a group who thought having a nickname was cool. We each had to choose one, and as corny as I was I chose Misz Sagittarius because I was really into astrology then and Sagittarius is my sign.

5th- L.Dotty- Misz Sagittarius was too long so by high school my friends called me L.Dotty instead. L for my name and Dotty because there is an old school song called La Di Da Di  by Slick Rick that reminded them of my name.

6th & Final – Larimarx33 – I  actually chose this one.. mostly because I LOVE my name and I realize I’ve always hated nicknames; except for Lari of course; I use Larimarx33 for every username that I have now. For those of you who don’t know x33 is supposed to be a heart. If you’ve noticed I add it on the bottom left corner in Deep Pink sometimes almost as a signature on my posts.

And that’s it for me so far. Have you had any nicknames that were embarrassing to you? Or that you look back now and can’t believe you had that as a nickname?   PLEASE SHARE ! 🙂

– x3


Have any insight? Go ahead & comment :)

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