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In this video I introducing myself and telling you 5 things about me.

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Day 10: Something at which you’ve been a champion or the best.

Woah! I’m on day 10? I know this is taking long and I probably would have been nearly done by now if I would have posted daily. Instead I try posting these every other day. I don’t post on weekends and I’ll try to keep going to actually finish all the writing prompts.

I’ve been the best at keeping my grades up while having a good social life. For some reason I notice that my grades get better when I spend all my free time hanging out with my friends and enjoying myself and not being home studying or relaxing.

Other than that I haven’t been the very best at anything, I do get awards and certificates but I don’t try to be the best, I only strive to be MY best.

I am good at a lot of things, there’s no specific one that I can consider myself the best at though.

Are you the best at something? Or are you good at a lot of things just not the best?

30 day writing challenge

Day 09: Favorite super hero and why.


My Favorite super hero is superman. I’ve liked him ever since I could remember.
Growing up I always watched  a CW11 TV show called Smallville, – It’s based on Clark Kent and the things that he went through as a teenager on his journey to becoming superman. It lasted 10 years on air and finished in 2010. Another thing I liked about Smallville was that although it’s focus was on Clark Kent, they managed to get many other super heroes on the show.

Superman was already super cool and learning more about him with such a wonderful cast  just made me adore him and the actors so much more. The main actor, Tom Welling, did a great job portraying  a side of superman that we had never seen before. The directors did a great job as well. I thought everything around it was just well made.

Superman’s story line is so cool also; A foreigner from another world with enhanced strength greater than that of a normal human, superhuman speed, allowing him to move, react, run, and fly extraordinarily fast “faster than a speeding bullet”, super human strength, hearing and breathing, invulnerability, heat vision and x-ray vision – The ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead.

Can It get any better than that?!

Yes it can ! – I looked it up. Including all those superpowers that he already has he’s also super intelligent, he has a heightened and highly accurate sense of smell, a flawless memory giving him a total recall of everything he has ever seen, read or heard, he’s super nice and sweet with his friends and family, and according to the TV show Smallville, he’s also super cute.

Did anyone else watch this show?

Louis and Clark ❤

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Day 02: Something you regret not having done this year.

30 Day Writing Challenge:

I was wracking my brain trying to find something I regret not doing but then I noticed I don’t think there is something I regret not doing. I’m a real optimist and I believe if I didn’t do it before then it must have been for a reason. Though there are some things I could regret but I don’t because life is about falling and getting back up and not looking back and I feel that regretting something is looking back at what you thought was a mistake. I’ve certainly made mistakes but I believe mistakes helps us be better. –x3

30 Day Writing Challenge

Don’t Think just Jump:

Making and maintaining a blog is not as easy as it might seem. So many ideas but it takes long hours, hard work and learning the ropes to actually post something.  Thousands of drafts saved but not nearly enough published, I start out with one thing and over think it so much  that by the end  it becomes something completely different. I think, ‘this happens to a lot of people, It’ll get easier the more I write, and most of the time it’s just writer’s block‘.

Initially the idea of having my own blog sounded great – now granted I’m not an expert writer but I do have a lot to say, and a lot of knowledge to share. I just need to get my foot in the water and soon enough I’ll be jumping in.

For now it feels like my own private room that’s in some corner of the internet but as I keep adding things I notice this private room is expanding. (Don’t you love that feeling of someone liking a post or commenting, I certainly do).

To get my foot in the water I’m joining a 30 Day writing challenge. It’s free writing with a topic and anyone is welcomed to join in at any point in time. ________________________________________________________________

Day 01: Something you’re looking forward to this year.

Day 02: Something you regret not having done this year.

Day 03: Something with which you struggle.

Day 04: Something that is part of your routine that you enjoy.

Day 05: Something in life that gives you balance.

Day 06: Something that excites you and fills you with joy.

Day 07: Nicknames you have, why you have them.

Day 08: Something recent that you’re proud of.

Day 09: Favorite super hero and why.

Day 10: Something at which you’ve been a champion or the best.

Day 11: Something about which people seem to compliment you.

Day 12: Something you hope to change about yourself and why.

Day 13: Discuss some of the things on your bucket list.

Day 14: Someone who has made your life worth living.

Day 15: A band/musical artist whose music impacted your life.

Day 16: A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

Day 17: Someone with whom you shared a friendship/relationship that simply drifted out of your life.

Day 18: Someone you met randomly that’s made an impact on your life.

Day 19: Something that shook your belief system to its core (a big disappointment in your life).

Day 20: Discuss your favorite movie and why it’s so special to you.

Day 21: Write about your best friend (not significant other) and what makes them special.

Day 22: Describe a dark/turbulent moment in your life.

Day 23: Describe a truly spiritual moment in your life.

Day 24: Discuss a spontaneous moment in your life that turned out to be fantastic.

Day 25: Discuss something you planned that ended up not being what you expected.

Day 26: How do you handle/deal with both success and failure?

Day 27: What is your vocation (why are you here on earth)?

Day 28: What is your biggest dream in life (what one great thing do you want to accomplish)?

Day 29: What WAS your biggest dream in life (you wanted to do as a kid but no longer can)?

Day 30: Someone in your family that means so much to you.

Day 31: Epilogue: Write a letter to yourself.

30 Day Challenge