My Fashion Art From Start


What make you beautiful – One Direction
Hey, soul sister – Train
Story of us – Taylor Swift

Comment and tell me what you think. I’m not an expert at this, I learned on my own and continued improving as time went on, and I’m still learning more everyday.

Please let me know what you think, this is an old video of mine.

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How to get Ombre hair yourself!

I think its time for a change, perfect timing to change my hair style. I’ve never done anything to my hair, I love my natural hair color so I’ve never dyed it, never had highlights, or even extensions. I’m adventurous but not with my hair!

Ombre hair is a very popular trend for 2012, and I like it. I might just try it myself. What do you think of it? For those of you who already have it, what is your opinion on it?

If you want to try it out on your own here’s a video to guide you:  Hope you like it!

Get Ombre Hair Yourself!

Leather 2012-13 Trend

One of the many trends that are in for this fall and coming spring is Leather.

Designers have certainly done their job and made leather somewhat more “attractive” then it was when it was first in around the 80’s. People actually like it and want to wear it now.

Though not everyone thinks the same. A lot of people are having trouble adding Leather into their style, and a lot just don’t like it.

Personally I like some of it, but I don’t think I will be wearing it any time soon. The Leather jackets, boots, purses, and jewelry I like, everything else I’ll stick to soft and more comfortable fabric.

What do you think?

Do you like the leather trend?  If you do then how do you suggest it should be used? Do you own anything already in Leather?


Or maybe it’s just not for you? Why not?
I found a couple of things made of Leather that I really liked on
Leather 2012 Trend


Sachin Babi slim fit tee

Sleeveless top

Genuine leather jacket
$1,195 –

Helmut Lang asymmetrical skirt
$935 –

French Connection leather jeans

Wallis low heels

BUBA chain jewelry
$200 –

Valentino leather glove

Coral belt
$89 –

Fashion Week Trend: Box Clutch

I know this fashion week was long time ago but one trend that I really liked, The Box Clutches. It’s really cute and comfortable. Also old fashion yet modern. I just started wanting a Clutch bag like this! 🙂
 Fashion Week Trend: Box Clutch


Style Or Fashion


Do you have style or are you fashionable?

Believe it or not there is a difference between style and fashion. Fashion is not style and style is not fashion.

What is Fashion?
Fashion changes over and over again. You can be fashionable and where the newest fashion trends out there but never be stylish.
Taking fashion too serious can possibly make you a fashion victim.

What is Style?
Style is .. Not being afraid to stand out!
Women of style usually have a trademark, and are recognized by it. Like a great black jacket, or maybe a mix of colors that look amazing on her.
They’re the ones that would take an item of clothing and wear it in a way that it was never intended to be worn.

Style is .. Knowing when to stop.
For example, many people love animal prints.
The difference between stylish and tacky is wearing one, maybe two pieces, at a time. The secret to being well dressed is underdressing. Allowing you to wear distinctive clothing that stands by itself.

Style is .. Going with what works for you.
If it feels comfortable, then you are going to get a lot more wear out of it.
Even though something is right off the runway, unless you feel confident in it, leave it alone.

Style is .. Not always obeying silly fashion rules.

Style is .. A good fit.
Keep an eye out for how clothing should fall. You should know where those pants should fall or how that jacket should hang on you. Also size is a matter that changes based on the clothing item, or the fabric, or the designer. Pants made by one designer in a size 8 might be a size 6 in another brand.

The Classics
There is a backbone to fashion known as “classic dressing.” It allows a woman to remain stylish throughout every season of her life. These are the women that are not wearing outrageous fashion from the runway, or not following the fashion editorials on magazines. They have they’re own signature style and know what looks right and what doesn’t.
Fashion magazines themselves never meant to be taken literal on every page.

Are you making fashion your own & making it style?
Or are you following the rules of fashion?
What do you think?

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My Journey in fashion design

Music :

What makes you Beautiful – One Direction

Hey, soul sister – Train

Story of Us – Taylor Swift

Heyy Guys,

Be sure to comment and tell me what you think. I’m not an expert fashion designer, I learned on my own and continued improving as time went on, and I’m still learning more everyday. 🙂

For those of you who want to try fashion designing – it’s not that hard if you love what you’re doing, if you’re motivated and if you practice, you can become great at what you do!

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Dior Launches the Tailleur Bar Palette for Summer

Dior Launches the Tailleur Bar Palette for

dior-bar-palette.jpgWant to own a piece of style history? Now you can…with this limited edition eyeshadow palette from the iconic French label. The pan is stamped with the image of the classic Dior Bar Suit, drawn by illustrator Rene Gruau. In this palm-sized palette, you’ll get three shadow colors: black, pink, and grey.  With these three versatile shades, you can create endless eyeshadow looks that will go with any outfit—couture or not! Pick the palette up exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue before they fly off shelves.

Dior Tailleur Bar Palette, $