Hurricane Sandy – New York Dream Center Responds

Many people were affected by hurricane Sandy. All you see on the news is the damages that it caused, the after effects of a natural disaster.

Unfortunately, there were many people who died. Some people lost their houses, their electricity, their gas, and so many other valuable and important things. Many of which are irreplaceable.

If you were affected severely by the storm, my prayers goes out to you and your family. If you weren’t affected by the storm than you should find some time or some way to help out the people who were.

I thank God that the worst my family and I experienced was a little cold weather and not anything extremely serious.

Since Wednesday I’ve been searching for a way to help out the victims of Sandy. Looking up information in the internet barely helped.

I want to volunteer and just be put in the middle of things to help people ut right away. But all I saw was “Donate this amount of money”  and “Donate that amount of money”. Donating is great but I don’t have any money to give.

I hardly found clear links to places where I can volunteer my time, skills, and services. And, if you wanted to volunteer than you would have to attend an orientation or training, nothing right away. I understand some people need to be trained on how to deal with people, but there’s so many things going on that need immediate help so I wanted to share what NEW YORK DREAM CENTER is doing.

NEW YORK DREAM CENTER is an amazing church in downtown Manhattan that is volunteering and giving aid and everything they have to all everyone they can reach.

To volunteer, we will be meeting up in West 25th St between 9th and 10th avenue at 11am. Feel free to walk up to any one of us.

Check out the video and you will certainly be motivated!

Hey Everyone,
I pray this letter find you safe and dry from the crazy couple of days we all have had. Hurricane Sandy I guess really wanted to make her presence known on the east coast. We are doing everything we can to begin to meet the needs of those impacted by the storm in the city. We presently are working daily in our normal Adopt A Block Site in Chelsea. We are bringing water,candles, and supplies to those stuck without any power. Many elderly live on high floors and cant get out due to no power. Our team has been amazing walking up 15-20 flights of stairs in the dark bringing supplies to those who are without.
There are two ways you can begin to help 1.) Follow us on twitter to find out daily what time and where we will be out bringing supplies to those in need. We need all the man power we can get. 2.) We have started a Hurricane Relief Fund to help us provide resources to get all the supplies needed during the Relief efforts. We NEED donations! Please visit to Donate.What an incredible opportunity we have as a church to simply BE THE CHURCH to our City. The need is GREAT and we will do our part in seeing that need met. The Dream Centers Motto has always been “Find a need and fill it, Find a hurt and heal it.” And we get to do just that during this trying time. Let give JESUS an opportunity to shine like never before! To any of you that are reading this that need help during the aftermath of the storm please email or call us with your needs so we can do our best to help you. For further updates please follow us on twitter @nycdreamcenter to stay update to date with all that we are doing.Stay safe and keep our city in your prayers. We love you all!!!

Pastors Brad and Stella Reed

Church Email:
Church Phone: 917-327-6050

covenant House: Sleep-out for homeless youth

Hello Beautiful People,

As of November 1, I accepted the challenge to raise funds to support homeless youth. Please help support me in this important project by contributing generously.
 Our plan is to sleep out and experience first hand what some of them have experienced. Also to show some of the homeless youth that there are people who care about them. There are people who say they want to do something about homelessness, and actually get it done.

My team has a goal set on raising $2,000 in 60 days. It might be hard but it can be done!

For information about this volunteer fundraiser and its programs, you can visit:

There’s more than one way you can help:

You can donate, Whatever you can give will help – it all adds up!

To make a donation online, visit my Personal Page.

To send a donation, mail to:
Covenant House
Attn: Solidarity Sleep Out
461 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Make all checks payable to: Covenant House and note “Sleep Out” and my name in the memo line!

If you cannot give than you can Pray for the Homeless youth of America. No prayer goes unheard!



You can join our fundraising group and come to sleep out with us, just sign up and follow the link on

I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

Event/Donation Form: Solidarity Sleep Out
Team Name : EYC Holy SPirit
Division: Youth/Community Group

God bless you & thanks for taking the time to read this.

Larimar Cabrera





Solidarity Sleepout

Laptop Malfunction


Don’t you hate when you have computer problems.

Everything in your day has been going great so far, you know what you want to write on your blog, You’re glad you don’t have to go to the library to turn in your paper for class, and at 6 you have to send an e-mail for a job, but then your laptop starts acting up.
It doesn’t even let you figure out what the problem is because it freezes as soon as you log in.

I know I’m not the only one that ever happened to?

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop. Every time it starts up it freezes. I have no idea what’s causing this problem.
Restoring it completely seems about the right thing to do.
I would have done so already but restoring it would erase everything saved on the laptop.

Goodbye photos, goodbye music, goodbye past homework. Unfortunately I have no back up and it freezes too soon to back anything up.

Have you been wondering why I haven’t been posting on my blog as much?
This is why. My Laptop has issues.
This post I uploaded from my T-Mobile Mytouch phone “/.
I recently downloaded a wordpress app that allows me to post, comment, and read other blogs. It’s great because it lets me write, and add pictures but I can’t customize my posts at all. I will have to restore the laptop or take it to someone for fixing.
For now I’ll keep posting as much as I can from my phone although the tiny keyboard is sort of annoying to write on.

If you have any suggestions on how to fix a laptop that keeps freezing please comment and I’ll try it out.


Day 4 – Jeremiah 33:3

Have you ever asked God for help and it seemed like nothing happened?

God says , ” Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” – Jeremiah 33:13

No you’re not being foolish talking to yourself, God hears and sees everything and you’re not being weak asking for help, stronger is the person who is brave enough to ask for help. When you’re in need of some one to talk to, God is always there just call out to him but remember God does not work on your time, he works on his time, and that means he will intervene just in time. And if you’ve asked him for help before and it didn’t seem like he was there, I assure you he was but God knows our hearts and what we are capable of handling, why not let us use the opportunity to learn how brave we can be or resistant. He is always there to help us because he loves us but he is not going to intrude unless we ask him to and even then he can work with you in the most subtle way, that you would never notice if it was God or just luck. – I don’t believe in luck.