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I’m not perfect. Neither are you. And neither is this drawing! Let us quit trying to be perfect in the sight of others, because in our weakness God is still strong. Yes, we are to be holy as our father … Continue reading

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So I had a rough time on my way to Massachusetts.

I had been planning to go to Massachusetts since last week. I even took a break from work to travel over there. I really had to see my family.

The last time I went, I decided to travel with a low key company that drives people from door to door.

It was pretty convenient. It didn’t have much space, nor top quality traveling conditions but It did have air conditioning, and I was willing to make the trip with them. I mean they were pretty cheap and door to door.

The first time they got me where I needed to go and back in perfect timing with no hassles; but Saturday– Saturday I was stressed.

For some reason things weren’t going well. I was supposed to leave at 10 AM, and then 2, and 6 and then 10 pm.

I called the day before and scheduled my pick up. I went shopping and had a really late night packing and organizing everything. I ended up going to sleep around 5AM to then wake up at 8AM. They told me to be ready by 8:30. And I was. I was sleep deprived, barely could muster two coherent thoughts, and felt a little sick, but I was determined to make it to Massachusetts. So After I was done, I sat to play with my baby nephew because I am going to miss him, and I forgot that I didn’t have my phone in my pocket and that it was on vibrate.

That was my fault.

I was too sleepy to remember. I called and rescheduled for 2pm, they said be ready by 12:30am.

Okayy, So in the positive side I was able to take a longer nap. I even through up the water I had drank. My body wasn’t feeling too well from staying up.

I woke up at 12. After the nap I felt better, I could think better. My stomach still wasn’t feeling well though. It was like I was tooo full but I hadn’t ate anything only drinking water. So I thought maybe if I drink my smoothie I might feel better. I did, but not too much I couldn’t drink it all right away, I have been drinking it little by little the whole day. So I ate sea salted almonds, maybe the seasalt would help the water content. It didn’t.

So I went downstairs at 12:30 because I wanted wait outside, and I wanted some sun before going in the van.

I ended up waiting till 1:14 and then finally calling them because it seemed they forgot about me.

They told me that they called me and that the guy had left already and that he isn’t going to turn around, but that maybe they can send someone else and they’ll call me back.

So I waited outside. and waited, called my boyfriend on Skype and spent some online time with him. And still they hadn’t called. So I called them, and it was the same story, they came, called, and no one answered. But both these times I had no missed calls, voicemails, or anything.

I understand that this is low quality travel, but I don’t believe that they were trying to get in contact with me for real. I was standing outside with suitcases and no one saw me, and I didn’t see them, so I’m not sure if they were lying to me, or if there was a miscommunication going on.

I was told to come to their site because they weren’t going to send anyone else.

So I sat down and stood on Skype for a little longer. and then I picked up my luggage and headed for the train. NYC transit is a pain. I also noticed that there aren’t many gentleman anymore, everyone saw me struggling with 3 bags, and no one tried to help me go down or up the stairs.

When I got here the last van going to Mass. was scheduled for 6pm, and they weren’t there anymore when i got there at 5:45. The next one was leaving at 10 pm and only going to Providence, not even all the way where I needed to go, I actually began waiting until 8pm and my sister told me to use take a cab back home and go tomorrow in the first van.

At least they had free WIFI in the waiting area for all the time I waited there.

But that’s what I did, and I made sure to be awake at 4 am to leave at 4:30 am the next day and finally I got to Massachussets at 9am Sunday. It was a fun ride, and the day before it turned out there was a fire on the road where I needed t pass through, and they closed the road so I actually saved myself a bigger hassle.

Maybe God intended for things to go this way for a reason. IDK. It was a hassle, but at the same time it was kind of fun. I got to spend time with my family and boyfriend, and even time alone in this waiting area. And frankly, I ended up laughing, enjoying it and thanking God the day after.








Mother’s day

Ohhh Geez,

Thank you Jesus for my mother. Today is not mother’s day yet, but I would like to take this day, tomorrow, and every other day to honor her. Mother’s day should not be the only day to show love to our mothers. They are not all perfect but I can’t imagine not having the love of a mother, and I can’t imagine my life without being by . She has been my strength, my encouragement, my heart, she taught me how to dream, how to love, and how to treat others kindly.

My mother is a great woman. She raised four smart, amazing girls all on her own in rough parts of New York City, until I was born and my Dad came around and raised me with her.
There’s nothing she had to do for me to love her, It’s unconditional. She never graduated from high school, she doesn’t work, we don’t live in a house, and she does

So I just wanted to take this time to appreciate my mother, and thank God for her. I also pray that all mothers who had the courage to raise their kids and took up that full-time job, begin to feel appreciated, loved, and honored more.

The same goes for fathers also by the way. Some people may not have their mother in their life anymore, and their father was their mother, so take mothers day as a day to honor your father as well. They deserve it.

Watch this awesome video about mothers:


Day 10: Something at which you‚Äôve been a champion or the best.

Woah! I’m on day 10? I know this is taking long and I probably would have been nearly done by now if I would have posted daily. Instead I try posting these every other day. I don’t post on weekends and I’ll try to keep going to actually finish all the writing prompts.

I’ve been the best at keeping my grades up while having a good social life. For some reason I notice that my grades get better when I spend all my free time hanging out with my friends and enjoying myself and not being home studying or relaxing.

Other than that I haven’t been the very best at anything, I do get awards and certificates but I don’t try¬†to be the best, I only strive to be MY best.

I am good at a lot of things, there’s no specific one that I can consider myself the best at though.

Are you the best at something? Or are you good at a lot of things just not the best?

30 day writing challenge

Day 09: Favorite super hero and why.


My Favorite super hero is superman. I’ve liked him ever since I could remember.
Growing up I always watched ¬†a CW11 TV show called Smallville, – It’s based on Clark Kent and the things that he went through as a teenager on his journey to becoming superman. It¬†lasted 10 years on air and finished in 2010. Another thing I liked about Smallville was that although it’s focus was on Clark Kent, they managed to get many other super heroes on the show.

Superman was already super cool and learning more about him with such a wonderful cast  just made me adore him and the actors so much more. The main actor, Tom Welling, did a great job portraying  a side of superman that we had never seen before. The directors did a great job as well. I thought everything around it was just well made.

Superman’s story line is so cool also; A foreigner from another world with enhanced strength greater than that of a normal human,¬†superhuman speed, allowing him to move, react, run, and fly extraordinarily fast¬†“faster than a speeding bullet”, super human strength, hearing and breathing, invulnerability, heat vision and x-ray vision¬†– The ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead.

Can It get any better than that?!

Yes it can ! – I looked it up. Including all those superpowers that he already has he’s also super intelligent, he has a¬†heightened and highly accurate sense of smell, a¬†flawless memory giving him a total recall of everything he has ever seen, read or heard, he’s super nice and sweet with his friends and family, and according to the TV show Smallville, he’s also super cute.

Did anyone else watch this show?

Louis and Clark ‚̧

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Day 08: Something recent that you‚Äôre proud of

I now pronounce Mr & Mrs CABRERA:

I was happy to hear those words come out of the pastors mouth.

On August 13 one of my sisters got married. She is the first person to break the vicious cycle of heartbreak that was started years back in my family.¬†Out of five girls not one of us had found that supposed “one” that we are meant to be with until now.

Thanks to God breaking those chains in our lives we finally get to see changes in everything.

My oldest sister caught the bouquet which means… Another wedding in the family? Probably just a myth..

One sister married, one engaged, & 2 trusting God & then there’s me; I’m still young and not expecting to fall in love anytime soon.<3

Overall Everything was very beautiful, It was a very emotional and exciting day and we were happy to see that friends and family made it to celebrate their special day.

I am proud that they got to start a new life together, I proud that she happened to find her true love, and I am especially proud that God managed to unite them and achieve a promise that he had made.

Things are looking up ^ ūüôā

My sister is now a Cabrera which is my last name also (we have different fathers)!

YaritzaandErico.jpg Yaritza and Erico

– x3

Day 07: Nicknames you have, why you have them

Nicknames? Depends at what stage of my life we’re talking about.

I’ve had lots of nicknames, none of them really stood¬†on me for too long. I’ve listed a couple of them for you. Now I must warn you, most of them are sort of embarrassing and not very creative.

1st- Lari- It’s short for my name Larimar and my family and friends have always called me Lari till this day.

2nd-¬†Bondy- I was about 1 or 2 years old and I loved Barney but I never knew how to say his name so I would call him Bondy and my sister’s friends always made fun of me ever since then by calling me Bondy . It’s such ¬†Terrible nickname !

3nd- DrzAngel-¬†Around 5th grade everyone I knew was making¬†a Bebo account¬†(which is like an old school MySpace), so I wanted to make one too. I couldn’t think of anything else so one of my friends gave me this. Drz because I am from Dominican Republic.

4th- Misz Sagittarius- During middle school and High school I hung out with a group who thought having a nickname was cool. We each had to choose one, and as corny as I was I chose Misz Sagittarius because I was really into astrology then and Sagittarius is my sign.

5th- L.Dotty- Misz Sagittarius was too long so by high school my friends called me L.Dotty instead. L for my name and Dotty because there is an old school song called La Di Da Di  by Slick Rick that reminded them of my name.

6th & Final – Larimarx33 – I ¬†actually chose this one.. mostly because I LOVE my name and I realize I’ve always hated nicknames; except for Lari of course; I use¬†Larimarx33 for every username that I have now. For those of you who don’t know¬†x33 is supposed to be a heart. If you’ve noticed I add it on the bottom left corner in Deep Pink sometimes almost as a signature on my posts.

And that’s it for me so far. Have you had any nicknames that were embarrassing to you? Or that you look back now and can’t believe you had that as a nickname? ¬† PLEASE SHARE ! ūüôā

– x3