Joe Jonas where?

My niece meeting Joe Jonas in New York. A couple of blocks away from me and they didn’t tell me :/ Mind you my sister just became a fan last week and she already got to see him on Monday.

They said he was kind, tall, and cute 🙂

He had an interview and a lot people were waiting over night to get a glimpse of him and his brothers, while my sister and her friend where there for about an hour and managed to make their way to the front. I think those hardcore fans were pissed off!

One woman lied and said they where waiting for someone else, that the Jonas brothers had left, another one started crying and almost caught a tantrum when he was about to skip her, until my sister had to call him over and tell him she’s been waiting for hours. I think they definitely thought it was worth that tension to meet Joe (his brothers had left already).

How would you react if you saw your favorite celebrity?


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