Moving to California

Helloo everyone,

Long time no post ! ūüôā

A lot of exciting things have been going on in my life.

I officially graduated from my 2 year college with an Associates degree in Business Administration. I am so excited to put this degree to work. I am sure that I can find a job that will be in line with my future goals.

I am so HAPPY to have finally graduated after 4 years of being out of highschool.

So even though I graduated my education is not done (I wish); I chose to continue this journey to being a future counselor in California.

I have decided to move from New York to California, which is a HUGE move for me. My first time living alone and I chose to move 6 hours away, (sorry mom).

My mother is not taking this news very well because It’ll ¬†be far from everyone I know, my entire family, and friends. But I feel like I have to make this move, for myself.

Other than that I am ready. I move in August and I cannot wait. I am so excited. And if I am going to make a life changing move, the time to do it is now!

i will be going to Sacramento State University so I am officially a new hornet ( The Hornet is the school’s mascot).

I will be majoring in psychology and nutrition, and dorming for the very first time.

Whoo! can’t wait to experience that. This can go extremely well or terribly wrong, but I’ll pray for the best. I am easy to get along with ūüôā

If anyone else is forming or moving to a new dorm and needs to buy dorming supplies, I would suggest you check out

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That’s all for now ladies and gents!

I will be posting more, and making videos of my journey and my move so please stay tuned. And be sure to check out those two websites to SAVE money! Everyone knows dorming is EXPENSIVE.

And wish me luck ūüôā If you want to know more, or have any questions, leave me a comment, or stay tuned.

Thank you for reading !

– Larie


Day 05: Something in life that gives you balance

Something that gives me balance is learning. I feel that as much as you body needs to eat right and exercise, the mind needs¬†exercise¬†also. I love learning new things no matter what it is. There’s so many things to learn in this world and so little time to do it but I ‘ll take what I can get. I’m learning more about God, sign language, blogging, writing, fashion, art, cooking, boxing, football, business (my future career) and so may other things. I’m also trying to learn how¬†to play an electric guitar, to play a piano, to make healthier choices towards exercising and eating healthier.

Learning new things makes me feel like I can do some of everything and I can really do anything I set my mind to.

Before I decided on business as a major I wanted to go to Parsons for fashion design but I was so confused because I wanted to do more than just fashion designing. I also wanted to be a teacher, a lawyer, an architect, a¬†Realtor, a photographer, just so many things. And people would tell me that I have to choose ONE. Usually kids have big dreams like this but adults tell them to choose one and stick to it, but why can’t they do some of everything? Granted it does take a lot of work but it’s¬†definitively¬†possible. ¬†(Thank God for my open mind and multitasking skills).

As far as my career goes, I’m working towards being a Business¬†Entrepreneur, I want to start a school for the deaf and hearing impaired and one for homeless teenagers, start a fashion magazine where I can be a writer, a designer, a photographer and owner, and other small businesses, when I get older and have enough I want to help other people who are starting their businesses.

Yes, my dreams are big but If you believe we can do anything we set our minds to then you’ll believe I can do it. ¬†: )

I might just be over worked like the woman in the picture but I like to work.