5 Things About Me


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In this video I introducing myself and telling you 5 things about me.

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Laptop Malfunction


Don’t you hate when you have computer problems.

Everything in your day has been going great so far, you know what you want to write on your blog, You’re glad you don’t have to go to the library to turn in your paper for class, and at 6 you have to send an e-mail for a job, but then your laptop starts acting up.
It doesn’t even let you figure out what the problem is because it freezes as soon as you log in.

I know I’m not the only one that ever happened to?

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop. Every time it starts up it freezes. I have no idea what’s causing this problem.
Restoring it completely seems about the right thing to do.
I would have done so already but restoring it would erase everything saved on the laptop.

Goodbye photos, goodbye music, goodbye past homework. Unfortunately I have no back up and it freezes too soon to back anything up.

Have you been wondering why I haven’t been posting on my blog as much?
This is why. My Laptop has issues.
This post I uploaded from my T-Mobile Mytouch phone “/.
I recently downloaded a wordpress app that allows me to post, comment, and read other blogs. It’s great because it lets me write, and add pictures but I can’t customize my posts at all. I will have to restore the laptop or take it to someone for fixing.
For now I’ll keep posting as much as I can from my phone although the tiny keyboard is sort of annoying to write on.

If you have any suggestions on how to fix a laptop that keeps freezing please comment and I’ll try it out.


Day 06: Something that excites you and fills you with joy

Many things excite me !  For instance Blogging, Learning, Reading,  Jogging, Music, Make up, Fashion, Food ..                                       Choose one? NOT Possible.

Life can be very exciting if you learn to live it.  I guess what really excites me and fills me with joy is experiencing some of everything life has to offer. 🙂

Ever had the feeling you can do so much more with your life, or you’re missing out on so many things. You may have heard this many times before but this is just a reminder; You only get 1 life  to live so live it the best you can!

” The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience “- Eleanor Roosevelt

Wedding in the family..

Don’t you love weddings? planning a wedding is hard work but in the end it’s a great reward.

This Friday is my sister’s wedding. 🙂

After so much planning and so much preparation, her big day is finally around the corner. It can be stressful if we let the little things get to us, it’s best to remember to always keep the bride satisfied.. After all it is her day; Ohh Yeah and the groom’s also.

They were the best of friends as children, they disconnected years back; He went to the army, she moved from the city but God reunited them and has blessed them so much. They got engaged about a year ago and are ready to start their life together.

Last Friday we had a bachelorette party for the bride. The maid of honor (another sister) was expecting all the woman to go and to celebrate with the bride so she bought lots of games, decorations and a beautiful cake, she also made some delicious margaritas. The people all knew when to go and where but when the day came they were all full of excuses; some said they thought it was the next day, others said they didn’t know where it was and some of them didn’t even give an explanation they just didn’t go.

–If you are ever invited to a wedding please make it for the ceremony, the reception, and anything else they’ll be  having for the bride.  If your excuse is you don’t want to go because you don’t have a gift; it’s not about the gift it’s about  celebrating this time of change in that person’s life.

So only close friends and family made it. Which was great because that’s how the bride assumed it was going to be anyways and she loved it like that. The theme was a masquerade and we surprised her when she walked through the door. Her fiance brought her with the pretext that he was taking her out to eat, of course she knew something was up when he took her to an apartment instead of a restaurant.

At the end of the night we dropped her off at home to her fiance,we had many laughs, took lots of pictures, danced and played games, (what else are we supposed to do in a bachelorette for a christian woman?).

The most important thing about that night though was that the bride enjoyed herself.

Wednesday we have rehearsals.

And finally Friday is the big day, the bride is anxious and excited about it all. Hopefully we all have a great time in celebrating a couple that God brought together.

 I’ll tell you all about the wedding next time!

_Unfailing Love by Jimmy Needham_  is the song that she will be walking down to, It’s truly beautiful, I recommended it, she heard it and loved it and I hope you all enjoy it too. : )

PS. I’m sorry guys that I have not been posting anything lately. I just started this blog last week and I’m so thankful for the followers and viewers that I have so far. It turns out that I like blogging so much more than I thought I would. SO I promise to continue as soon as the hectic wedding is over with.