IN Living Color

Color, Color, & more Color

That is how I summarize this summers’ trends. I’ve been from one site to another searching the many trends that other fashionistas have spoken about and learning the colors and styles. They are those beautiful and bright colors in the rainbow that we haven’t seen nearly enough. Also Lots of Retro clothing that resemble the Flapper era. I Loved the styles and the colors so much that I put some things together and wanted to post it.

A few Trends of 2012 summer:

  1. Bold, Pastel, and Retro. Out with all the dark and nude, and in with the bright and fun; Showing character and fashion freedom. Color blocking is something that a lot of people are doing. Striking playful combinations; mixing colors like hot pink, emerald green, tangerine, lemon yellow, turquoise and many more vibrant shades. Try out color blocking effect on clothes, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories for a fun look.
  2. Romantic silhouettes, Flowers, and Tribal Prints. Lots of romantic silhouettes, show the love with your clothes. This season isn’t complete without us having to appreciate flower details. From bracelets to shoes, it would appear that all of us have been hit with the flower bug. Amp your feminine style with delicate flower details. You can pin your flower clips on your bag for any a lot more dainty effect. Tribal prints are also back bringing together different cultural influences in fashion.
  3.  Neon Colors; Everything is going neon, from clothes to nails to accessories, It’s flashy and loud and a great way to add some pop to your outfit. (Do not wear many neon pieces at the same time).
  4. Colored jeans– Fun and stylish so put away the regular boring jeans and pick up a pair of these.
  5. Eyebrows; Going bolder and darker with your eyebrows, I notice a lot of models are doing this. There are many tutorial videos of how to do them just perfect on YouTube.
  6. Poppy lip color trend– fun pop of bright lip shades that look divine and grabs people’s attention. The top lip colors for Summer 2012 are electric tangerine, hot red, neon pink and bright coral!
  7.  Hair – Natural curls all the way. Trends are promoting a lot more natural hair, nails, even some models are coming out with no make up. It’s pretty great because natural is more beautiful.
  8. Layered Bracelets; Throw on different Bangles in various shapes, colors and textures. Attempt to experiment with what you have at this time and experiment with your outfit and have fun with it. Try to do a little bit of color blocking with your favorite pastel shades. For example, you can pair a red romper having a creamy yellow bag. Pull the look together with neutral accessories.

” Look out for Coach’s Legacy collection- a trove of graphic handbag, leather goodies, and unisex outerwear that draws on archival hits from the ’60s and ’70s.”

Have any insight? Go ahead & comment :)

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