My first Post. Welcome.

Hello Fellow Readers, New to this world of blogging ;

Once upon a time there was a Hispanic woman who gave birth on December 9th and here comes out Larimar (Me), I was so rudely welcomed into this world with a slap in the bum lols…

My Name is Larimar Cabrera <— such a weird name right !

Well behind my name there is a story which makes it that much more beautiful. Larimar is a blue stone my mother found in the Caribbean in Dominican Republic and it was a rare beauty that was made in a catastrophic environment. It represents peace, clarity, healing, and love.

Atlantic Ocean

I’m sure you’ve guessed I’m from Dominican Republic but I was born in New York City, where I still live todayI spend most of my time getting an education at Nyack College, and in a church called Thessalonica church. 


God, Music, Fashion, Dancing, Sketching, Writing, Reading and MANY OTHER THINGS !

I hope you enjoy my blog where I will be writing a lot of randomness about fashion, art, food, work outs, motivational things, freebies, and sometimes short stories (no expert) and hopefully inspiring people and trying to get the message out that we are meant to do more than just one thing in life.

Please feel free to comment, and suggest things, i’m new to blogging and I’ll need all the help I can get. I can be reached by Email as well ->

Thank you,

Larimarx33 – Randomqirl ;

” We’re meant to encourage one another.”

As iron Sharpens Iron, a friend sharpens a friend. – PROVERBS 27:17

2 thoughts on “My first Post. Welcome.

  1. Thanks for stopping by Onelifethislife! New faces are always welcomed. I haven’t had a chance to view your blog but I will certainly visit again to do so. By the way, I do love your About Me. You have a beautiful name and the meaning is as well.


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