Rawfully Organic

raw-food-dietStarting 7 days ago, Aug 1, I have incorporated this new food .. lifestyle into my diet. It is called Fully Raw Vegan. So I am in the process of becoming a Fully Raw Vegan.

All Naturaal, eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

I do have to admit though, it is not easy, but it gets easier as the days pass. I have made mistakes, yielding to a piece of cake or chocolate, or eating a bit of my sisters cooked food, but for the next meal I go back to my raw foods.

Something that has really helped me is preparing the meals before. I have been preparing my lunch the night before and planning my breakfast. All of that makes it easier to stick to not de-rail from Raw foods.

I haven’t been thinking of this as I can’t eat meat, I can’t eat eggs, I can’;t drink milk, but rather as I can eat Carrots and

I have been extremely inspired my Kristina, who is founder of Rawfully Organic, Freelee the Banana Girl, and a couple of other Youtubers who have been living a Fully Raw lifestyle. They are great promoters of living healthy, the right way, and watching just one of Banana Girl’s videos started the motivation to look more into this diet.

I use the term “Diet” loosely, because it is not a diet, it is changing your unnatural habits, and making them into a healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful lifestyle.

Purposeful because I believe that Fully Raw is the way we were intended to eat when God created us. It is what our body’s are built to digest, and eating the right amounts of fruits and veggies is enough to maintain a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

I am currently going through a detox stage, where my body is reacting to all this new, raw, nutrient dense food by adapting and pushing out toxins. The Detox stage is normal when changing what you eat. And it is different for everyone.

As a part of the detox, I get tired, headaches (only happened for 2 days), and gas. : x

but benefits, I feel awesome!

I have no guilt eating as much fruits and veggies as I want, I don’t feel heavy, I can actually feel the difference of how eating meat affects me, and I feel myself loosing weight.

My eating habits are changing, my digestive system is clearing up, and is working better.

And added plus, I am Happy!  I am so happy I made this change, and my body is happy also, and I plan to stick to this, and live this way, and even possibly become one of those advocates for a Fully Raw lifestyle.


If you want to know more about eating Fully Raw check out:






Have any insight? Go ahead & comment :)

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