Day 03: Something with which you struggle.

Struggling is a part of life, we have to struggle at some point to succeed. For some people their struggle is more serious like mental disorders, abuse, & drug addictions but for others it can be struggling with themselves, motivation or low self-esteem. And we all struggle with more than one thing,. One of my struggles is with emotions. I don’t understand them sometimes, how a person could hurt someone they love or hate people they really don’t know. Even my own emotions are a mystery. I rarely understand them.For example I had a friend who passed away and I loved him so much but I just couldn’t shed a tear, and again when my step mother passed away, but as soon as I saw my sister crying I couldn’t hold it in. If I see a movie I would start crying anytime the characters cry. & I  even tear when I laugh, (and I laugh a lot). Don’t get me wrong I have love for everyone but I just don’t know how to express it. It’s easier for me to feel what others are feeling. Almost like empathy; If I see someone crying I would not be able to keep walking I would feel it so heavy in my heart that I would have to go up to them try to help them however I can.  I know that as I get older I will start to understand my own emotions better but for right now they’re a total mystery. Am I the only one who’s like this or is it just because I’m a teenager ?  – x3

30 Day Challenge


4 thoughts on “Day 03: Something with which you struggle.

  1. Hi Larimarx33
    Nothing is ever ‘just because you’re a teenager’. Or not much anyway. Emotions are far too complicated to put down to that. Some of this will sort itself out through experience and some of it will never go away. Some years ago, a local amdram group performed a play – Murder in the Cathedral. In the church. Amateur they might have been, but it was well rehearsed, well casted, and the acting was superb. Yet in one of the most harrowing and tragic scenes, a member of the audience laughed. Emotion is about release and holding it back. You think you are in control of feelings most of the time and then something happens and you realise that you needed the release at that moment. Crying is cathartic whether it is over a film or the death of a budgie or the death of a loved one. Little things make you cry. Big things cause ulcers.
    And as for horrible people? There are loads out there. Those who for no reason seem to want to hurt. To drive wedges between friends, to aggravate or to just ruin your day, your week, your life.
    But there are more, many many more nice ones and the only advice I can give is to hook up with those who love you, not those who want to harm you, whether they think it is amusing or not. It’s called bullying and we should slam the door in the faces of bullies.
    You sound like a gentle soul who would wish to hurt no one. Find others like you and be happy doing so.

    • Thank you for your comment and the new point of view.
      Emotions are a complicated thing. I have a nephew who is really in touch with his feelings, he wants hugs and kisses when he sees me, a big show of appreciation and I’m just not like that I would say hi give you a smile and that’s it. So he get’s mad at me because I wouldn’t hug him and show him love; if I did though it would feel like a pretense to me. But he knows I love him even though I don’t show it. I’m more philosophical where I’d rather have a great conversation about religion and philosophy and life than talk about feelings.
      Btw, Maybe those horrible people just need a little love to change.

  2. I guess emotions will always remain a mystery. Sometimes we felt something not just because of anything, it’s just a vibe that someone give us.. that makes us feel that way.

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